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UAB Viking Industrier product Guarantee

We are sure about what we do and therefore we give 2 years guarantee to all our products. Our products are well known for their quality.

The Buyer, having noticed technical, functional malfunctions of products sold by the Seller, shall inform the Seller by e-mail, fax or in writing indicating the character of malfunction.

Guarantee is not valid if maintenance of product was not followed. Also, guarantee shall not cover:

  1. Peculiarities of wood as natural material:
    • Wood cracks after assembling of products.
    • Wood movement and it consequences for example: gaps in walls, changes in product shape.
    • Molds on wood.
    • Wooden details containing whole branches that do not endanger the stability of the product.
  2. Consequences of extreme (unusual) weather conditions (water can get it the wall in big rain, roof shingles damages of strong wind).
  3. When wood, products sold by the Seller are used not in accordance with their direct purpose or when malfunctions have been caused by non-compliance with the maintenance instructions;
  4. If products sold by the Seller were disassembled, their components were replaced, or products were otherwise altered not by the Seller, Products were repaired by the Buyer or by third parties;

The Seller refuses to provide guarantee services in events listed above and the Seller is entitled to offer elimination of failures of products sold by the Seller based on non-guarantee and post-guarantee service conditions.

In all events, when the guarantee period has expired, or when products during the guarantee period were damaged intentionally through third parties or Buyer’s fault, or by willfull actions of the same persons, the Seller renders non-guarantee and post-guarantee repair services at the Buyer’s request, payable in accordance with the rates set by the Seller, or under a separate agreement on non-guarantee and post-guarantee servicing of products concluded between the parties.

The Buyer shall pay for the services rendered and expenses incurred before collecting the product, except otherwise stated in the agreement.

The characteristics for determining of non-guarantee service shall be established by the Seller.

Wood is a natural construction material. Before processing, timber would be dried up to 18 % of residual moisture content. Timber’s moisture content can change because of different atmospheric conditions such as rain, freezing cold or heat, causing wood structure altering. It could also affect the use of doors and windows. We give you some crucial features as following:

  1. Wood can crack during the drying process. It does not mean worsen quality, so the guarantee is not valid. When the humidness increases, chaps will disappear.
  2. A couple of weeks after the construction work, wooden details will undergo adaptation for new conditions. If necessary, the door has to be fixed once more. Ultraviolet rays (solar rays) can cause the change of wood colouring.